How can your business attract social media savvy customers?

Changing media consumption habits in Australia reveal that businesses looking to grow their community should pay more attention than ever to online and social media chatter when developing their business strategy.

A recent study from Telsyte has revealed that 1 in 3 Australians turn to social media platforms as their first news source. On top of that, almost 60% of Australians over the age of 16 believe online news has become more influential than print.

For your business to benefit from this massive social media consumption, digital and social media must be an integral focus for your customer engagement strategy. Social media allows your business to directly interact with its customers and allows them to reach you, allowing you to build brand loyalty.

Social media is the perfect medium to engage and create a relationship through expressing a companies true colours which, when done correctly, can be a powerful marketing tool. A collection of quotes, photos or accounts of a business’s non-industry altruistic endeavours present an alternative to the standard corporate picture. By sharing a story, a passion, or a reflection of the human condition present in their work, a business can then appeal to a wider market.

If your business is across news and events, you can utilise this awareness in your posts and hash tags as a way to reach your audience, linking key industry happenings and news with your business or brand.

If your business is not across social media and you would like help getting started, contact The Collective Co. today.