How to use that Hashtag effectively!

We all like to have a little fun with hashtags, however they really do play a vital role in social media. Hashtags are a fantastic way to drive engagement with your audience, improve your SEO, target your brand, market your business and expand your content reach.

Hashtags can now be used for your brand across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube.

Brand and content hashtags are those you will use regularly for your business to market your brand, new campaigns, products or services and any sales or promotions.

Your brand hashtag will become your signature tag that will be used in every post you make and is a way for your customers or followers to engage directly with your brand. Make sure you search your brand hashtag ideas to ensure it is not already in use, also keep it short, memorable and make sure it easy to sell. It can simply be your company name or a tagline.

You can also create campaign specific hashtags to promote your current marketing campaigns, new ranges/services or sales and encourage your customers to utilise these tags to engage with you.

Make sure you monitor your brand and campaign hashtags as it’s a great opportunity to respond and engage with your customers.

Another way to utilise hashtags for your business is to include trending hashtags on popular topics that relate to your business within your posts. This will open up your brand and business to a whole new audience- you need to be quick to use these as hashtags trends can be over very quickly.

Hashtags make it easy for businesses to categorise their posts as well as help users to find content and topics as well as engage directly with brands. Hashtags can open your brand up to a whole new audience and promote customer engagement.

If you would like any advice on how to effectively engage your audience and extend your business’ reach with the help of hashtags across your social media accounts, please contact the team at The COLLECTIVE Co. today.