Creative Finds – A colourful new website for a perfectly curated gift business


How often does a special occasion suddenly appear in the calendar but when you go to the gift cupboard…… its mother-hubbardy all kinds of bare? Well for me this happens pretty much Every. Single. Birthday, Father’s Day, Anniversary – you name it and I don’t have a gift waiting.  So how lucky am I that our very special friend and client has created her beautiful new online business with people like me in mind – a carefully selected offer of high quality, hand crafted gifts at reasonable prices – and even better they are all conveniently sorted by who you are buying for.  She even has gifts for the tricky tween age group.  When Stacey asked us to design her website we knew colour had to play a big part. Stacey has an eclectic, boho, expressive style and loves a pop of a bright colour… case in point the beautiful image below of Stacey on one of her market trips.

Head on over to the site to see for yourself but some of our favourite picks are the boys grooming products, perfect for those just starting to smell tweens and teens:

We also love the stunning XO earrings for any age (as long as they have pierced ears!)

And lastly for the man in your life how amazing are these pocket squares in floral or other patterns!

Congratulations Stacey on your launch and thank you for solving our gift buying dramas!

By: Jessica Robertson